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    Former J-League goalkeeper Enomoto picked by national blind soccer team

    Former Yokohama F Marinos goalkeeper Tatsuya Enomoto has been selected as the official reinforcement designation player for Japan's blind soccer team, it has been learned.

    The 38-year-old soccer star, who has played in a total of 223 games in the J-League, decided to take on this role for the national blind soccer team - having announced his retirement as a professional player in December 2016.

    Blind soccer is a game in which every player apart from the goalkeeper plays with a blindfold.

    Enomoto's involvement in the national blind soccer team has pleased the players, too.

    One of the stars of the national side, 28-year-old Ryo Kawamura, expressed his contentment about the former goalkeeper's presence: "It's reassuring to have a player with so much experience working with us."

    In blind soccer, outfield players are heavily influenced by verbal instructions from the goalkeeper, and they will often strike the ball as soon as it is at their feet - because they are being told that the ball is on its way.

    With his commanding vocal presence, which is somewhat reminiscent of the former Manchester United and Denmark goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel, Enomoto should be fine: "The players depend on my voice. Thinking about how to guide the players with my voice is something that interests me."

    Source: http://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20170418/p2a/00m/0sp/007000c
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