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    University to accept students who score 100% in math exam, 0% in other tests

    The privately-run Tokyo Denki University in Tokyo will shake up its 2018 entrance criteria by accepting candidates who score 100 percent in the mathematics examination, regardless of other exam scores, the university said on April 17.

    The new entrance system, which will come into place in February 2018, will be used by three of the university's departments, namely Science and Engineering, System Design Engineering and Science and Technology for Future Life.

    Accepting future university students based solely on one's math exam score is very rare in Japan.

    Under this new system, which has been referred to as "The perfect math-score selection method," candidates who achieve a perfect score in math will be granted an unconditional offer, even if they score zero in the other English and science exams.

    In the past, it is thought that only a limited number of candidates have managed to score 100 percent in the math exam.

    Some university officials had voiced concerns that its current entrance exam system could lead to a lack of diversity of students while the method helps ensure that the university secures students with basic academic levels.

    A university official said, "If the student's English ability is not so high at the time of the entrance exam, they will be able to improve later on, while they are at the university."

    Source: http://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20170418/p2a/00m/0na/004000c
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