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    Those 'dangerous' religious Zionists

    The harshest, sharpest critique of Yossi Klein's opinion piece in Haaretz last week should have been written by a prominent figure from the left, a respected journalist or perhaps a well-known academic.

    What of the right's part in it? The right responded to Klein's insults in the appropriate manner: with rage.

    Didn't you already know what Klein and his ilk think of the religious Zionists? Have you never heard a leftist accuse them of taking over the army, or gloat over settlers being turned out of their homes? Don't you know that to Klein and company, it's not only kippa- or skirt-wearing Jews who are dangerous?

    Every so often another danger arises from the right that stands to shake the foundations of the left's faith: One time it's the right-wing and secular Ayelet Shaked, another time it's the right-wing and gay Amir Ohana, this time it's the religious Zionists, the salt of the earth.

    There is something about a kippa and a skirt that specifically bother Klein, since once again, there is no rational explanation for his claim that religious Zionists - despite having indeed reached positions of influence - can decide the future.

    Klein's dangerous religious Zionists? Their finest young men fight Hamas on behalf of a right wing that cannot prevail, and afterward they are evicted from their homes because they are the only ones that the right knows how to fight.

    If only the religious Zionists were Palestinians, or scofflaw Bedouin.

    Source: http://www.haaretz.com/opinion/.premium-1.783901?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
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